Colorado Athletes in Kona: Michelle Orgill


I am a third year member of Big Sexy Racing under Chris McDonald.


I started swimming and biking when I met my husband in 1996.   My first triathlon race was IM Canada in 1997. I was hooked!

From that race forward my husband and I enjoy traveling and racing together! We are able to find a great balance in raising our two teenage kids and doing a sport we love!

I have been to IM World Championships in Kona twice as a lottery winner but this will be my first time as a Kona qualifier.

This year my inspiration has come from losing two friends, Dave Mirra in February and Sally Mason in June. After Sally lost her battle with cancer I realized that IM Boulder would take place on her birthday. For me it was a fitting tribute to her battle with the disease. Nothing I would face that day would compare to what she had endured! I placed second in my age group securing my spot on the pier in October!   I am honored to fulfill a dream that both Dave and I had shared, racing Kona by qualifying!

I couldn’t do what I love without the support of my family, my wonderful husband and my two amazing kids! Not to mention a kick ass team behind me all the way!


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