Colorado Athletes in Kona: Marshal Steves



I am apart of Team Zoot which is an absolute amazing team.  I am coached by Curt Chesney and live in Thornton Colorado.


I was born and raised in Pueblo Colorado. I grew up racing motocross, followed by traveling the world competing in professional paintball.  After having children and pursuing a career, traveling the world and training countless hours just made me homesick.  I quit all sports to be with my family and quickly found I needed some sort of positive activity/hobby in my life.  I started off with a couple 5k races with my siblings and wife.  Shortly after that, we started going farther and farther.  I heard about Ironman and was blown away by the challenge.  At first I thought it was for crazy people but the competitive side of me really wanted to tackle the ultimate challenge the crazies were raving about.  I made a commitment to tackle my first Ironman.  In 2013 my siblings, wife and I completed Ironman Texas. I said I would never do it again but the next thing I knew I had signed up for another.  Many races later I accepted a spot to the big island at Ironman Boulder.

I am inspired by those that have overcome challenges of weight, loss of limb, age, injury and so on living life to the fullest, pushing the limits and entering such an event. The drive and dedication of others keeps me going.

This will be my first time toeing the line with the best in the world. It was a heck of a road to get here and I can not wait. I am going to enjoy the day and soak in every second. I know my wife Molly is very excited for the big race. She has been my backbone through the journey and I couldn’t have done any of this without her.


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