Colorado Athletes in Kona: Here’s to Repeat Appearances

Eric Walker

My competitive career began at age 10 when my dad and I ran in my first 5K. I owe it all to my dad, he was really into running marathons and fostered my love of running. Fast forward, age 29; I had just graduated from Chiropractic school and suddenly had time train and run marathons. Shortly after getting into Spin classes to cross train, I completed my first triathlon.

My favorite triathlon distance is definitely the full 140.6, it is physically challenging but more importantly it is mentally challenging. I qualified for Kona for the first time in 2015 and had a good race, but there were definitely some learning moments during it too!

This year I am looking to put those learning moments to good use and have a more successful race. I draw a lot of inspiration and motivation from the older age group triathletes- I am watching YOU 70-85 year old’s! Thank you for inspiring me! It is inspiring to watch this group push the limits of athleticism- they are competitive and pretty darn quick! Good luck to all the other Colorado athletes, see you in Kona!


Briana Boehmer


How did I get involved in Triathlon? – I ran in college (Division I) and succumbed to a lot of injuries my Junior and Senior years . As part of my rehab I would have to cross train A LOT so upon graduation I got this crazy idea in my head that I might as well do a triathlon since I had basically been training for one. I was hooked. I didn’t take up Ironman racing until over 10 years later…until then I thought the distance was absolutely BONKERS! In 2013 after a long break from Triathlon I decided to start with Half Ironmans then a full in 2014.


I qualified for Kona this year at Ironman Frankfurt where I came in third overall and notched a new PR of 9:40. This will be my second time to the Big Island.


My WHY – I lost my mother when I was just a little over 1 year old. I have always had a sense of urgency with life because of this event. It is a sense that moments cannot be wasted because you never know when you may have reached your last one. That is why while racing is something I love, I devote my time to many other things. I’ve never defined myself by sport, rather it is a part of what helps me live life to the fullest. I currently am the COO of a local fitness start-up and am involved with the Leeds Business School at CU helping young entrepreneurs in their endeavors. I’ve been involved in start-ups/running business for almost 15 years now. Not squandering moments and challenging myself to reach – that is what I strive for each day. Kona will be no different – I will race knowing that the day and the moments within it are something I am lucky to have.



I am a part of Vixxen racing and will have teammate Liz West to share this years Kona with (pretty awesome!). My coach is Rachel Joyce and I can’t begin to explain how excited I am to be able to race “with” her at Kona. Hoping while I am on my way out on the Queen K,  I see her cruising into the finish in the lead 🙂 She is the absolute BEST 🙂

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