Colorado Athletes in Kona: Boulder to Kona Athletes

Dave Moore

In 2009, Dave Moore discovered a fellow officer was recovering from stage four cancer, which created multiple complications and a huge financial burden for her. As long as he could remember, Dave was a fan of Ironman and aspired to one day compete in a triathlon. It was at that time Dave decided to merge the two and form a triathlon team of over 30 officers and fire fighters to compete at a local sprint triathlon as a charity fund raiser for his friend. Dave was hooked on triathlons and by 2010, had completed his first Boulder 70.3 and his first 140.6, the Beach 2 Battleship.

In January of 2017, Dave was notified that he would be receiving a slot at the Kona Ironman World Championships thanks to Boulder Ironman and the team at 303 Triathlon. This is truly a dream come true for Dave, as he has always had the goal of competing at Kona. Dave and his wife Wende will be celebrating their 20th anniversary in Kona with their three boys.


Heather Hagan

My Kona journey came as a huge surprise blindsiding me on December 23rd. I was notified via a Facebook Live video from Dave Christensen that I was selected to race Ironman World Championships as part of the contest The Road To Kona Goes Through Boulder. I think there were a few of us from the ten selected that didn’t even know about the contest!


I was tagged on a Facebook video by someone with a comment that only read, “Hey coach Heather you should check this video out.” I started watching the video while multitasking in the kitchen not really knowing what the context was. I was registered for Ironman Boulder so I thought it may be a video about training for Boulder. About 7 minutes in to the video Dave said he needed to get to the point and announce the first two winners to compete in Kona. That’s about the time I started feeling anxious! Dave announced my name and I started sweating then crying. What the hell just happened!

After the initial shock wore off I started looking at the calendar to decide whether or not I could realistically do two Ironman races in 4 months. I know plenty of people do it but I wasn’t sure I could. The decision wasn’t difficult but it was terrifying. I competed in two Ironman races 6 weeks apart in 2014 and it didn’t go well. I completed Ironman Canada Whistler then DNF’d after completing the bike in Ironman Chattanooga. My heart just wasn’t in the race. I knew I did not want to feel depleted by such a short recovery like last time.

Fast forward to present day! My training is going well and I feel as prepared for the challenge. My race day goal is to cross the finish line. I know it is a privilege to be selected from the contest to participate in the World Championships among the best triathletes in the world. I will hold my head high and do my best!



I’m looking forward to time on the beach after race day with friends. I am coaching two other athletes racing Kona and supporting 11 total athletes from Balanced Art Multisport. We ended up having several athletes qualify at late season races so it will be fun having so many BAM kits on the course. I will be in my ambassador team Coeur Sports kit with BAM in spirit!



Heather’s athletes – Reiko Donato (KQ Chattanooga,) and Kayla Bowker (KQ Arizona.)

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