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Amy Becker


My name is Amy Becker and I will be racing in Kona for the 2nd time, again in the 40-44 AG. My coach is Curt Chesney.

For me triathlon continues to be a metaphor for life, you have to keep putting one foot in front of the other even when things get hard.

I have  been training for and racing Ironman since 2014.  It has been during this same time frame that my personal life has continued to test me more than ever.  And,  just like triathlon I continue to put one foot in front of the other.

I qualified for Kona in 2014 and almost didn’t take my spot that year because my mom was terminally ill and I was afraid to leave her, but with her encouragement I was able to fulfill a dream and go and race and thankfully she was alive to hear all about it, passing on one month later in November 2014.

In 2015 I elected not to take my spot to Kona at Boulder for many reasons.  However, within a week of that decision, I felt the itch to try and get a spot for 2016, so I headed off to Lake Tahoe and there managed to gut out a 1st place finish, only because I fell apart a little less than my competitors. Man Tahoe is hard! So began my training for Kona with a full year to prepare I was aiming for the podium.

However, a lot can happen in a year and in the Spring of 2016 my brother was killed and we found ourselves caring a lot for his 4 year old son, my nephew. With all the personal stress my body has struggled to perform all season and so I contemplated a DNS at Kona. But that thought was short lived, and I have decided that having manageable goals for the day that include smiling and having  fun during one of the most amazing races in the world and really just enjoying the experience and the time with my 26 plus family and friends will be reward enough and with the pressure completely off I find myself getting more excited to get to Kona everyday. Not to mention one of my best buddies Marshal Steves qualified this year too and it is going to be so cool to share this experience with a good friend.


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12 thoughts on “Colorado Athletes in Kona: Amy Becker

  1. Amy is one of the sweetest, selfless people that I have met and an integral part of my journey to the big island. Who knew a friendship would form because of her decision not to go to Kona last year! She is all heart and I truly adore her and outside her family and close friends – I am her number one fan. Take in the journey sweet Amy. Slow down! High five the kids and chat with your fellow teammates. And walk the shoot. Be thankful to be alive! Luv you.

  2. The hard part is done, you qualified, now enough to the ironman “icing on the cake” that Kona athletes get to expience

  3. Can’t wait to follow you Amy. You are an amazing athlete! And remember that your bad day is my best day so you will ROCK no matter how much/little you train and how hard/easy you go on race day. Oh, and you are not defined by ANY of your performances, you are defined by the incredible person you ARE! Have a blast in Kona!

  4. Good luck in Kona! 🌴🏊🏼🚵🏻🏃🌴 So proud of you, Amy! Your mom and brother loved you so much! Have a great trip! Lots and lots of love, Betty & Mark ♥️♥️😘😘

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