Colin Laughery, “This Guy Is Not Afraid to Be Vulnerable”, Learn More on This Podcast

When co-hosts Bill Plock and Rich Soares discussed how pro athletes, in general, besides people and an athlete, are in some ways a brand. They discussed this and pondered if Colin Laughery’s tradition of racing Ironman’s in a speedo is his brand? Bill suggested that’s it not the speedo per say, but that perhaps wearing a speedo reflects that Colin isn’t afraid to be vulnerable? So maybe his brand is he is “not be afraid to put it on the line?” In this podcasts he reveals some very personal things that only a person not afraid to be vulnerable would say. Have a listen!

Colin’s Interview, click HERE

Next weeks guest in legendary skier Chris Anthony. Chris starred for Warren Miller for 20 years. He grew up in Denver and lives in Vail. Over the years he became engrossed in the 10th Mountain Division and has embarked on journey to tell that story in a documentary about the famed Army Division who had major influences on the skiing and outdoors sports.

Chris shares his cycling background where he was a pro before turning to skiing and became good friends with Greg Lemond. Fun story there!

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