Brian Andzejewicz

Colorado athletes heading to Kona!

Name: Brian Andzejewicz

1. What are you most excited about in competing in Kona?

Taking in the whole vibe and racing this legendary course against the world’s best triathletes.

2. What is your favorite career IRONMAN memory so far?

That’s a tough one. Each one is special for it’s own reason. Crossing my first IM finish line at IM Lake Tahoe in 2013 is something I’ll never forget. Going sub-10 at IM Cozumel in 2017 was when I thought I might actually have a shot at Kona. But my favorite memory is asking my wife after finishing IM Maryland last year what place I was at in my AG. She said 4th and I knew I pulled off the race of my life and qualifying. It still didn’t seem real when Mike Reilly called my name during rolldown and I got my coin and lei.

3. Is this your first time competing in Kona and if no how many other times have you done so?

First time!

4. If someone were watching that is new to the sport, what would you tell them is the coolest thing about being a triathlete and competing in this venue?

I think the coolest thing about being a triathlete is you really find out a lot about yourself – what you’re capable of accomplishing if you have the belief and desire. For me, it was far more than I thought when I started getting interested in the sport. I remember the moment I read about 140.6 miles and couldn’t conceive how someone could complete that event in one day. But it’s a pretty rad feeling to commit to something you don’t know if you’re capable of doing and succeeding. And then saying, “Wow, I just did that. What else am I capable of?”

As far as competing at this venue…This is the most coveted start line in endurance sports. I saw Mike Reilly speak at Colorado Multisport a couple of years ago and he said there’s something spiritual about the island and this race. Being my first time here, I’m just looking forward to soaking in the experience – taking a step back before getting in the water on Saturday and take in the moment, the crowd, the energy…and slapping as many hands-on Ali’i Drive as I possibly can as I finish.

5. What do you think is the hardest thing about doing an IRONMAN?

Believing you can finish one.

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  1. Definitely remember to take that moment before swimming out to the start line. Have a great race! We’ll be watching!

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