Boulder Sunset Triathlon, Something for All

Boulder, CO….In the 12th Annual Boulder Sunset Multi-sport event, the few hundred participants had a choice of a Sprint and Olympic distance triathlon, a duathlon, an aqua bike, a 5k and a 10k running race.

303’s Rich Soares and his daughter Lauren raced. Said Rich, “It’s fun to see many of the same friends who did the Boulder Sunrise”

A few of the results:


  • 1st, Karen McClelland, Superior, 1:32:24
  • 2nd, Heather Mayer, London, England, 1:33:6
  • 3rd, Amy Blom, Marietta, GA, 1:34:18
  • 1st, Tom Zirbel, Boulder, 1:17:07
  • 2nd, Paul Smith, Englewood, 1:20:17
  • 3rd, Steve Johnson, Boulder, 1:20:23


  • Molly Smith, Denver, 2:20:28
  • Kimberly Goodell, Boulder, 2:21:55
  • Gwen Stevens, Pueblo, 2:28:00
  • Seth Kurtz, Lexington, SC, 2:06:20
  • Chris Loy, Denver, 2:09:07
  • Ryan Derrick, Boulder, 2:12:14

All results can be found HERE

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