Alison Freeman: What Do Body Glide and Anti-Fog Gel Have in Common?

By Alison Freeman

BODY GLIDE: “The original anti chafing, anti blister balm.”

A few weeks ago I was heading out for an 8-mile run, so I threw on my jog bra that provides a consistent chafe and a running skort that had recently yielded some inner thigh rub. Sound like a totally illogical clothing choice? Normally, I’d say yes – except that I had recently received some new Body Glide. So I threw that on, crossed my fingers, pondered what I was willing to risk to effectively test a product, and laced up.

Thankfully, my run went well! Of course, the ultimate test occurs when you hop in the shower afterwards, and I was rewarded with no surprise stinging anywhere. Yay! I did notice a small zone of slight redness in the normal jog bra chafe region, but far less than the defined strip of raw skin that I usually experience. And the glide worked so well on my inner thighs that they were even a little slick post-shower.

Beyond that, I really like the fact that the product is packaged and applied similar to deodorant. Having mostly used gel-like anti-chafe products previously, I found that I prefer the less-mess solution of the balm. I don’t have to worry about wiping off excess gel from my fingers after application, and my skin feels less greasy – and therefore less likely to make my clothing look greasy.

And for all you chicas out there, they do offer a pink version of the product. Yes, it is more expensive (don’t get me started) but is formulated to be more moisturizing than the blue version. Based on some use a while back, I do believe it worked a little better on the jog bra chafe region, so I think there’s a good reason to go pink in this instance.

Body Glide is available direct from – free shipping! – and can also be found at most local triathlon and running shops as well as sporting goods stores such as Dick’s and Big 5. Save yourself some pain and pick up some product before your next long run or ride (they actually have a cycle-specific product on their website!).


If you thought going for an 8-mile run in chafe-prone clothing was risky, you’re going to love to hear about how I tested the anti-fog spray. I did truly mean to test it at the pool, because it’s less risky and also because my goggles fog like crazy. But – possibly because I’m always running late to master’s swim – I forgot to either bring or use the darn spray Every. Single. Time.

So, that’s how I happened to test the anti-fog spray at Boulder 70.3 because, you know: Nothing New on Race Day. Somehow Nothing New was superseded by My Goggles Fog Like Crazy as well as by I Have a Looming Article Deadline. Thankfully I remember to bring the spray, and the wipe, and the instructions race morning (instructions because apparently the tagline isn’t instruction enough?). So I sprayed down the goggles after I put on my wetsuit, wondering a little bit about why the goggles looked streaky and whether the stuff was going to get in my eye and cause some issues, and then never thought about it again.

Never thinking about the product again is, in fact, a ringing endorsement. Here’s why: had the goggles fogged up, I would clearly have thought about the spray in a WTF kind of way. Had the spray caused eye irritation, there would have been a lot more F’s than WT’s. Never thinking about the product means it worked perfectly. Woohoo! Now I just have to remember to bring it to the pool.

Sven Can See Anti-Fog Spray is available direct from – free shipping! – as well as from Amazon. You will never have to spit in your goggles again!

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