Ironman Boulder: “How To” Special Needs Bags

Here is an informative video by IMB Race Director Dave Christen on how to handle your special needs bags. Please note: Special Needs Bags WILL NOT be given back to participants after the race. Do not put anything valuable in your bags. According to Dave,

We don’t return them because once the athletes have gone through their special needs bags they are pretty much strewn all over the place and we have no way of returning them back to their original bag. The special needs area is a disaster by the time the main pack hits. That being said it is unfeasible to return the bags in any sense of order. Logistically we would spend the better portion of our summer figuring out who’s stuff belonged to who.

Dave went on to say leftover items will be discarded or donated, and this policy may change for future Boulder Ironman events.

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