Ironman Transitions: Some Words from Race Director Dave

What makes an IRONMAN Transition different than others?

Unlike any other triathlon you do not put your equipment next to your bike on the transition bike racks. You put all of your equipment in what we call Gear Bags. You put what you need for the bike leg in your BIKE GEAR BAG and the stuff for your run in your RUN GEAR BAG.

On Saturday you drop your bike and your BIKE GEAR BAG at the Boulder Reservoir and you head to the Boulder High School and drop your RUN GEAR BAG off. See the event schedule for times.

Each athlete does this differently but here are some key things to remember when you are getting ready to drop off your bags and bike.

IM T11. You cannot leave your bike shoes on your bike and clipped in – They must be in your Bike Gear Bag.

2. Your helmet must be in your Bike Gear Bag as well. You cannot leave your helmet on your bike

3. You will be able to access your bike race morning and fill or place your water bottles on your bike, as well as tape or load in any of your nutrition/fuel.

4. Keep it Simple – Don’t fill your bags with stuff you wont need. Keep your day simple.

IM transition bags5. Place everything you used in the previous leg of the race into your next bag. Swim stuff into your Bike bags, and bike stuff into your run bags.

6. Morning clothes bags – You will drop off your morning clothes bags at the Boulder reservoir once you are ready. We will bring them to the Boulder High School for you to pick up when you are an IRONMAN!

Check out some Youtube videos of IRONMAN Transitions for more of a visual. We will have hundreds of volunteers helping guide you along the transition process so just relax. We will make sure you are taken care of.


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