60 Seconds in Kona Day 3, Presented by Infinit

Keeping the body in motion and hydrated are the keys to any good race, especially here in Kona, HI.

Todays video is presented by: Infinit Nutrition

AND, if you missed the news, Infinit Nutrition is now offering Limited Edition Pumpkin Spice MUD Recovery!

Skip the coffeehouses’ PSL this fall and mix up your own “PSM” using 100% all natural Pumpkin Spice MUD! Same yummy flavor as the cafès’ seasonal lattè, boosted with protein, plus the added goodness of real pumpkin and omega-3 rich flaxseed. Perfect to use as a pre-workout fuel or recovery drink, this delicious mix is loaded with pure whey protein isolate, coffee, real pumpkin, premium ground flax and 3 different carb sources.

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