303 Beginner Tri Project

Beginner Tri Training Guidance

Need some general guidance as you train for your first sprint triathlon? The beginner tri training guidance follows an eight week schedule and provides general information about workout frequency and distances for each week. … Get the plan here

Beginner Tri Articles

So You Wanna Do A Tri
You’ve thought about it, talked about it, hemmed and hawed about it, and you’re ready to dive in. Or maybe you’re still testing the waters, sticking a toe in and seeing how that feels before you make a decision. Either way, you might be wondering: How exactly do I get started on the road to my first triathlon? … Read more

If I Wanna Tri, What Do I Need? What DON’T I Need?
If you, your friend, your sister, your neighbor, or your mom is thinking about doing their first triathlon, here’s everything you need and everything you don’t:
1. You DO need to pick a race! And you need to sign up. Don’t think; just do it.
2. You DO want to find a person or a community that you can turn to for encouragement, accountability, questions, and support … Read more

Training 101: Bare Essentials
I firmly believe that ANYONE can do a sprint triathlon. And you don’t necessarily need a coach, a training plan, or 10 hours a week to prepare for it, either. But you’ll have a more enjoyable experience if you do some training prior to race day. Here are some general training guidelines that will set you up for success at a sprint triathlon … Read more

Transition: The Fourth Discipline of Triathlon
There is an additional discipline of triathlon outside of the swim, bike, and run. That discipline is the Transition. Transition as defined means “the process or a period of changing from one state or condition to another.” The transition in triathlon is used to move from swim to bike and then bike to run and is equally as important as each of the triathlon legs … Read more

Also view Coach Alison’s video explaining how to handle transition set up on race morning!

Hydration & Fueling 101
You may or may not have given much thought to hydration and fueling (also known as water and food) during your training up to now. That’s ok! For short-course racing – sprint and Olympic-distance triathlons – faking it often can work just fine in training. That being said, there’s nothing wrong with having a little knowledge to fuel your fueling (hahaha) and on race day the knowledge will really come in handy … Read more

Race Day 101
You’ve been training for weeks and weeks, and the big day is finally just around the corner! Here are some tips to help with race day … starting a few days ahead of time … Read more

Training 201: If You Want to Get Fancy
Have you completed your first tri recently? Or maybe it’s still on the horizon … but you’re already thinking about the next one. When triathletes are thinking about their next race, it’s usually with an eye toward how they can improve upon the last one … Read more

I’m Hooked! What’s Next?
So you’ve completed your first triathlon, or maybe even your third – congratulations! – and you realize you’ve caught the bug. You’re looking to move from “I did a triathlon” to “I’m a triathlete.” Woohoo!!! Welcome to our awesome, if not just slightly crazy, club. And let me be the first to ask: What’s next for you? … Read More