2016 IRONMAN Humanitarian Athletes

In the past several years, the athletes chosen as humanitarian athletes have been pretty high profile folks including

Sean Astin, Sunny Garcia, Gordon Ramsey and Apolo Ohno.


This years athletes, not so much.  But definitely inspiring.  Athletes this year include Jeff and Johnny Agar, Christina Hopper, Shirin Gerami, Joe Abunassar, Stephanie Felber, Turia Pitt and Alex Stubb.  While all these athletes have reasons greater than them for racing tomorrow, for me, Team Agar and their physical challenges, and Shirin Gerami who has brought hope and opportunity to Iranian women so they may fulfill their dreams of being athletes as well as working with companies to develop clothing that will also help to fulfill those dreams while being true to their beliefs.


We wish them all success on the Big Island and look forward to cheering them all on!

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