TrailFoody Review

By Ashley Nicoll

I am a Wilderness Guide for Outback Adventures at the University of California, San Diego. As a guide, I lead other college students on various outdoor trips during weekends and school breaks. I was fortunate enough to try Trailfoody products on a couple of my recent trips and I was very impressed how it provides exactly what it set out to: convenient, light, and healthy food options for any outdoor activity.

The two trips that I took Trailfoody on were sea kayaking and rock climbing. From leading a group of participants on a full day of sea kayaking in three to four foot swells, to a day with 2,400 feet elevation gain and rock climbing till the sun set, Trailfoody had plenty of snacks to keep me full and provided plenty of energy.

All the snacks come in a nice orange bag so all you have to do is grab the bag and go. The durable little orange bag easily fit into my daypack that I bring on trips. Because all the snacks are inside this little bag, really all you have to do is grab the orange bag and go.

My favorite snack in the Trailfoody bag was the Crafted bar for climbers. The packaging was super cute and right on the package it told you exactly what was in the bar. It was filling after a killer approach and a couple climbs. It gave me enough energy to climb until we had to walk down with our headlamps on.

I also liked the variety of other foods offered in the Trailfoody bag. It’s great to have outdoor food that isn’t all granola bars. The Trailfoody bag included jerky, crackers, nuts, trail-mix, and a chia squeeze pouch in addition to several bars. Even the bars included in the bag had great variety in flavors and ingredients. The bag included bar flavors from nutty to fruity and even some chocolate. Forget the days of endlessly eating the same flavor of energy Bar.

As a college student, especially, getting good food in my day to day life is hard enough and then finding good food to bring on trips and other outdoor activities is a whole new level of difficult. It was awesome to be able to dig into the Trailfoody bag and find a huge variety of different flavors and kinds of snacks to eat while I was out on trips. Additionally, since these trips are in my “free time” from school, not having to hunt around grocery stores for the best light and nutritious food was a huge time saver. Eliminating the stress of finding good trail food really helped to cut down the prep time for trips so I can spend more time outside.

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