Summer OPEN Weather Alert



We hope you’re enjoying a warm morning coffee while looking out the window and going “really Colorado?!?!” We have some good news and some bad news to share. As you know our staff loves to embrace the “extreme” more than anyone I know, but there’s also a fine line between “safe extreme” and “reckless extreme”. It’s a line we flirt with often while trying to err on the side of giving you the safest possible race experience that leaves you smiling. On Tuesday morning we were on pace for record warm Summer OPEN temperatures with one reading of 64 degrees (this didn’t event come from Lance’s magic thermometer), Thursday morning (peak storm) the temperature plummeted to 54 degrees, then late last night at 11pm we took another reading. This one shocked even us coming in at 45 degrees, yes 45 degrees! We tried the magic thermometer that likes to round up and still 45 degrees! Even with sunshine, wearing two wetsuits, and some extra holiday weight a 45 degree water temperature far exceeds that line of “reckless extreme” On that note we’re unfortunately cancelling the swim portion of tomorrow’s triathlon. So what happens now and is this that bad news you alluded to earlier?

The swim will be changed to a 1.5 mile run: We will kick things off with a 1.5 mile run in exchange for the 1/2 mile swim. When transition closes we’ll proceed to CR 26 and line you up outside the main blue gate to head eastbound. Run waves will take off every 3 min. On the return of your run you’ll enter back in the main venue area as if you’re heading into the finish line – continue through the finish line right into transition as the same end where the “swim in” is normally located to start the bike. The bike portion and 5k run remain unchanged.

The bad news: There’s no bad news. The sun will be out tomorrow and we still get to kick off the endurance season with 400 of our closest friends who love the multisport lifestyle. It’s an adventure racing in these changing conditions and still a race tomorrow we know you’ll embrace with a smile and determined effort.

Follow-up questions: If you have more questions please keep checking social media as our team will have limited access to e-mail while setting up for the duathlon. Please be sure to help us spread the news so everyone is alerted to the situation and thank you all for your patience.

The Without Limits Crew

Summer Open Sprint Tri: SOLD OUT

Union Reservoir, Longmont


The 10th annual Summer OPEN Sprint Triathlon is the kick off to the Colorado Triathlon Season, and we kick it off in style!  It’s time to dust off the bike and pull the wetsuit out of the closet for this Colorado spring classic.  This race, takes place at Union Reservoir in Longmont!  From beginners tackling their first event to veterans tuning up for a competitive season the Summer OPEN is about friends and teammates, smiling and cheering.

Men’s or woman’s cut technical t-shirts are back in our traditional Summer OPEN “Red”.  Great goodie bags, one of our biggest expos of the year, a ton of raffles, and closed bike and run course are just some of the highlights.  This race is capped at 500 athletes to maintain a fun, yet lively, and laid back feel.  Due to the low cap we’ve sold out the past 7 years so be be sure to take advantage of early registration.  

Event details and registration here