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IRONMAN has announced a Team Colorado program for IRONMAN Boulder this year.  If you are already registered for the June race this year or you and a friend are still trying to decide, check out what this program can offer.


Join Team Colorado—an exclusive program for athletes who live in the state of Colorado and are registered for IRONMAN Boulder 2017. Athletes who live and train in Colorado know that it’s an endurance sports mecca filled with amenities that go hand-in-hand with training and reaching your endurance goals. From farm-to-table dining, to the challenging altitude conditions, and the friendly people in each community, triathlon training in Colorado is truly a treat. Team Colorado is intended to a build community among triathletes in the state and brings all the best aspects of training in the Centennial state together in one easy place. Plus, the program offers several added benefits specific to your IRONMAN Boulder preparation.



  • Local meet-ups with pros to train  (schedule coming soon)
  • Swag bag of Team Colorado training gear (available for pick-up at training events)
  • Strava group to track training progress
  • Featured shout out in Athlete Guide
  • Team Colorado discounts with
  • Exclusive Team Colorado emails with meet-up and additional benefits information
  • Joining the Team Colorado Strava Group


Check out these great video clips from the 2016 race!


Race Registration here


Stay tuned, 303Triathlon will keep you up to date on all you need to know with the IRONMAN Boulder Resource page


2017 Ironman Boulder Bike Course REVEALED

By Bill Plock

Ironman Boulder’s bike course is now THREE loops (passing through the Boulder Reservoir four times!), potentially faster, and should be tons of spectator-friendly fun!

(maps below!)

Ironman continues to refine this course, and after listening to athlete feedback proclaiming they want a more connected and spectator-friendly bike ride, the new course will feature three loops, passing through the reservoir area four times giving racers that extra boost of crowd energy. There, family and friends will be able to cheer and hang out at the beer garden, listen to music, swim in the lake and enjoy the time (and amazing views!) while waiting for their athlete to pass through.

IM Boulder Race Director Tim Brosious and Pro Triathlete Chris Leiferman

Food trucks will be there along with other entertainment and features still being planned. Shuttle buses will run throughout the day for easy transport between the Reservoir and downtown Boulder.

The course could potentially be faster, especially as racers will head east from Highway 36 on St. Vrain road with its nice downhill instead of on Highway 66 like the last three years. The three loops will still utilize most of the same roads as previous years, but on the last lap racers will spend time on a closed Four Mile Creek bike path for a couple of miles before dropping riders onto a few streets heading into T2.

An added plus? No Railroad crossings!

Pro Triathlete, Chris Leiferman, competing this year and who led the group on Saturday, said he “likes the bike path near the end as it’s quiet and will give everyone a chance to stretch out a bit and relax before hitting the run.”

Poppy Sports owner Melanie Mitchell, who isn’t currently signed up, says she is more tempted now after riding the course because, “Three loops mentally seems more attainable than 112 out in the middle of the plains.  Having done the 70.3 it is very familiar territory and training will be easier to ramp up mileage doing loops of the course.

Tim Brosious, the new race director (don’t worry Dave Christen will be around too—he is a regional director now), says, “This is a celebration day not only for the athlete but also for the families, friends, and supporters who have taken on extra responsibilities over the past year to make sure their athlete has a memorable day and crosses the finish line with a sense of fulfillment and pride.

Join the Strava Team Colorado group and get out and practice the loops and see how you stack up with others doing the same.

303Radio podcast featuring North American Race Director Dave Christen and new Ironman Boulder Race Director Tim Brocious, discussing Ironman Boulder features, course preview, and Team Colorado:

Check out all the photos from our 303Radio Podcast HERE.

Here is the official course map!


303Radio spends the day with New Ironman Boulder Race Director

Today we interviewed North American Race Director Dave Christen and the new Ironman Boulder Race Director Tim Brosious… we learned all about the new North American Headquarters office (and how the staff spends its lunch hour), details on Team Colorado, and some *WOW* news about the new bike course! (By the end of the interview Bill Plock – who had sworn off iron distance racing this year, was looking up the registration page on his phone…)

Check out all the behind-the-scenes photos at the link below, and stay tuned for the podcast publishing very soon! Don’t miss the Group Ride tomorrow, which will feature the bike course reveal!


#303Radio recording today: Passing the IRONMAN Boulder #RaceDirector torch from Dave Christen to Tim Brosious , how…

Posted by 303Triathlon on Friday, March 10, 2017

IRONMAN Boulder Bike Course to be Revealed

IRONMAN Boulder bike course reveal! Don’t miss the big bike course reveal Saturday morning by the new race director, Tim Brosious.  Followed immediately by a Team Colorado ride starting at Colorado Multisport

Don’t miss it! Giveaways from Poppy Sports!


Additional details on the 303Triathlon calendar here



Breaking News: IRONMAN forming “Team Colorado” for IM Boulder

Thinking about IRONMAN Boulder? Already signed up? Look here on 303 to find out about IRONMAN’s new Team Colorado to make this your best and most memorable Ironman ever! Opportunities for exclusive training with professional triathletes, one-of-a-kind IRONMAN Team Colorado gear, and more. Stay tuned this week for big announcements!

Ironman Boulder Lands in Top 10 Best in World for Swim

Photo 303Triathlon

From Slowtwitch
The World Triathlon Corporation asked the approximately quarter million triathletes who participated in the 40 Ironman and 96 Ironman 70.3 events last year to rate their experiences. According to the WTC, 55,000 men and women responded to post-race surveys which asked them to rate their overall satisfaction in several categories on a point scale of 1 to 5. Based on the scores of the survey, the WTC announced top 10 Ironman and top 10 Ironman 70.3 global events in several categories including: Best Overall Event, Best Swim, Best Bike, Best Run, Best Venue Experience and Best Post Race Celebration.

Best Overall Swim
1. IRONMAN Australia
2. IRONMAN Wales
3. IRONMAN Coeur d’Alene
4. Little Debbie IRONMAN Chattanooga
5. SunSmart IRONMAN Western Australia
T6. Kellogg’s Nutri-Grain IRONMAN New Zealand
T6. Sun Smart IRONMAN Western Australia
8. IRONMAN Barcelona
9. IRONMAN Louisville
10. IRONMAN Boulder

The best quote: “This was the best swim I have ever had (comfort, ease of sighting, quickest time!) and was so blown away by all of the volunteers helping in the water. I felt so much safer than in any other race and felt that they helped keep us all on course. Thank you.” – IRONMAN Boulder.

Read the full article and all the rankings

Not Too Late to Take On IRONMAN Boulder

Nestled at the foot of the Flatirons Mountains, Boulder, Colorado is a wildly popular home-base and vacation destination for triathletes. The city’s health-conscious culture, near-perfect weather and breathtaking natural environment made it an instant favorite from the first running.

Boulder’s famous pedestrian-only Pearl Street Mall downtown will provide families and fans an unforgettable race day as they wait for their loved ones to cross the finish line. From five-star hotels to James Beard award-winning restaurants, Boulder’s hotel and dining options are some of the best in the nation.

Once finished in the water, the first transition will start athletes on a beautiful multi-loop course all contained within Boulder County. The course has a few pronounced climbs, but in general it’s a fast one. Once done with the two 40+ mile loops, athletes will complete the final 85-112 miles on an additional loop and roll into downtown Boulder for the second transition at Boulder High School.


The two-loop run course is almost entirely on Boulder Creek Trail, winding along the creek and through city parks. Spectators will have multiple opportunities to cheer on their athletes, and the last few steps of the day happen on Pearl Street, making for a triumphant finish.


The 2017 IRONMAN Boulder offers 40 qualifying slots for the 2017 IRONMAN World Championship in Kailua-Kona, Hawaii. 

Complete event details and registration here

Longmont Police Commander Wins Final Road to Kona Slot

By Amelia Arvesen, Times Call Staff Writer


Longmont police patrol Cmdr. Dave Moore wanted to do a happy dance in his weekly command staff meeting Tuesday morning, but he controlled his giddiness in front of his colleagues.

Moore was grateful to learn that he was the last of 10 Ironman Boulder 2017 entrants chosen at random to compete in the Oct. 14 Ironman World Championship in Kailua-Kona, Hawaii — a qualification-only race for a 2.4-mile swim, 112-mile bike ride and 26.2-mile run.

“I figured I’d have to be doing Ironmans until I was 80 just to qualify,” Moore, 46, said. “When only three people compete in your age group, you’ve got a good chance of making it in.” …

He said his wife registered him earlier this year before he knew there would be a drawing, but thought it’d be neat to have a shot at the elite race. He said he believed on Monday the chance was already over and that when his colleagues walked in the conference room, it was for a presentation.

“And then when I turned the other way and I saw Dave walking in the room, that’s when I kind of realized what it’s about,” Moore said.

Ironman Boulder race director Dave Christen draped a yellow and orange lei over Moore’s neck and blue uniform, congratulating him and offering his support.

“I think we’ll get everyone together, the 10 people that won, and connect all of you guys so you have a group to go to Kona with,” Christen said in the hallway outside the conference room.


Complete Times Call article



Ironman Boulder Friday Night Welcome Ceremony

Friday Night Welcome Ceremony Info!

On Friday night we have a welcome ceremony that is open and free to all including the general public. This will take place in the West lawn of the Boulder high School at 7:30 PM. We will have live music prior to the ceremony by the world famous “IRON BAND” who will amuse you with their triathlon specific music.

Bring your lawn chairs, picnic blankets, or hotel towels and join us in a night celebrating you and what you will soon accomplish. The voice of IRONMAN Mike Reilly will be there to pump you up and get your ready for your big day.

Instead of a banquet with food in years past at IRONMAN events we will be giving each athlete a $25 voucher to use at local participating restaurants in Boulder. Take your family out on Thursday or Friday night and then come and enjoy the night as we kick off a big week. See your check in packet for more details.

Parking will be in the city garages and street level parking. Come and enjoy the night! Come early and check out the “IRON BAND”. They will start around 6:30 PM that night.


Friday, August 1, 2014

Hungry Ironman? Check Out These Recommended Eateries

There are hundreds of coffee shops, breweries, restaurants and eateries in Boulder. If you can’t find it, you may not know it’s missing. Even living in Boulder, it’s nearly impossible to really know the best places to eat. We asked our readers to give us a hand and let us know some of their favorites. Here’s what folks had to say. Also some links to get you started.

There are a copious amount of choices to eat from in Boulder. If you have any kind of dietary restriction you will always be able to find a place to eat that caters to your need. Personally, I’m a huge breakfast lover, so here are some options for you. Dot’s Diner (the hill or 28th/buff) is a fairly inexpensive place that serves amazing breakfast, enough to satisfy an athlete (GF is no extra cost here). Snooze is another place that is a bit more pricey, but not too bad. It is located in the heart of boulder on Pearl St and offers a range of delicious breakfast foods. I wouldn’t go there if you were extremely hungry. As for lunch/dinner I’d have to say my favorite place would be Reuben’s (14th/walnut), great burgers (and GF buns). Zeal, located at 17th and Pearl is also another great place to get a good healthy dinner/lunch.
It might be a little cliché but Whole Foods is one of my go-to places to eat in Boulder, especially before a race when I’m looking to make sure I get quality food that I’m used to eating. Good place for people watching, too!
When I’m really hungry I head to Curry & Kabob on 28th Street. They are inexpensive and very tasty! And yes I love Whole Foods too. For quintessential Boulder go to The Trident on west Pearl for great espresso complete with a used book store for browsing. Their back patio is smoke free and has a sandbox for the wee ones. There is another great cafe on west Pearl (west of University Bicycles) called Spruce Confections. Nice outside seating with gorgeous views of foothills. For beer (after you’re done racing) Upslope is phenomenal and I also like Sanita’s Brewing. They even have yoga on Tuesday evenings for 15 bucks which includes a pint. And it must be said that Southern Sun has great beers on tap and a very comfortable and Boulderish atmosphere. Have fun!
On Monday night the Attic on Walnut across the street from the Med has every burger on the menu @ $5, including fries. My favorite is south of the border–no bun, green salsa with tater tots.
The only reason I come to Boulder is to ride my bike and drink coffee. Not necessarily in that order. And there is one place that is a must: Amante Coffee (uptown, as they say). This is a who’s who of coffee shops devoted to the tri/cycling community. It’s got a wonderful seating area outside on the corner so you can hang out and admire bikes. Not only do they serve really, really, really amazing coffee, but it’s positioned perfectly to park near-by and ride your bike all over the place. Boulder res, Stagecoach, Nederland, etc. Amante Coffee is the perfect place to fuel or refuel your body from all those rolling, grassy hills and uber-steep climbs.

In Boulder
Boulder Dushanbe Tea House
Ozo Coffee
Boxcar Roasters
The Med – Great tapas, Mediterranean food (always very crowded – make a reservation)
Arugula – Similar to The Med but smaller; great gluten free choices; reservations recommended; off the beaten track at 28th & Iris, you won’t have to fight the Pearl Street crowds
Tangerine – Next door to Arugula, great place for breakfast and lunch
Agave – Amazing modern Mexican food; easy to park, away from crowds near 28th & Valmont
Cantina Laredo – Great southwestern fare with tableside quacamole; 29th Street Mall – great to pair with a movie or some shopping
Walnut Café – Good for breakfast and lunch, easy to navigate at 30th & Walnut; casual
Lucky’s Cafe
Mountain Sun Pub
Conner O’Neils
West Flanders
Pasta Jay’s
Rio Grande Mexican – Awesome rooftop eating and views of the Flatirons

Outside Boulder
Crane Hollow Cafe – With only a handful of tables you might have to wait, but it will be worth it – browse the art gallery next door or watch the throngs of cyclists riding by (Hygiene)
Oskar Blues – A local legend. Longmont and Lyons locations
CycleHOPS – Also check out OB’s newest endeavor, CyclHops restaurant in Longmont – southwestern food, bike friendly outdoor dining area, and home to REEB cycles.
Greenbriar Inn – Along the IM bike route, with a reservation you might score an outdoor table at this upscale restaurant known for it’s lavish Sunday brunch, and watch the racers go by along Highway 36

Where to spot the pros
Amante Coffee – The launching point for many mountain rides, you will see more spandex and sponsored kits here than regular clothes locals
Mary’s Market – Located in Hygiene, this amazing market has Skratch on tap and is a favorite refueling spot

And of course you will need snacks and groceries
Whole Foods
Trader Joe’s

Do you have a tip or suggestion? Please add to our comments below.