• Snotty, sniffly, and stumped? Tyler Butterfield on training while sick

    Submitted by 303Triathlon on February 20th, 2014

    How to train on the bike when you’re a little under the weather, thanks to resident two-time Olympian, professional triathlete, and all-around nice guy, Tyler Butterfield. Butterfield, who lives in Boulder and just celebrated the birth of his second child with his wife, Nikki, finds himself in the familiar family role of helping with theRead More

    • 303COMMUNITY: The exploits of Racing Underground’s Darrin Eisman

      Submitted by 303Triathlon on January 24th, 2014

      He may not leap buildings in a single bound, but he has traveled 6,000 miles around the country penniless on his bike, relied on a free haircut won in a duathlon for his wedding day, and built his own mountain house in a series of all-nighters in 26-below-zero temperatures after reading a few books onRead More

      • Over The Top Radio Interview with Dr. Andy Pruitt of BCSM

        Submitted by 303Triathlon on January 23rd, 2014

        Great in-depth interview with Dr. Andy Pruitt of Boulder Center for Sports Medicine – how the advent of clipless pedals and aerobars changed the mechanics of bike positioning and ensued in injuries. This interview covers the importance of proper fit (bicycle, shoes) and equipment (saddle, shorts, etc) for comfort, longevity and durability in cycling, asRead More

        • Monday Masters: Measuring Baseline Fitness

          Submitted by 303Triathlon on January 20th, 2014

          This workout comes from Jim Hallberg of D3 Multisport. Jim says this workout is important because it measures baseline fitness here at the beginning of the season. “It will provide you with some numbers to work from throughout the season, and allow you to measure improvement in swim times,” he says. Jim points out thisRead More

          • NoCo Triathlon Club has Launched!

            Submitted by 303Triathlon on January 19th, 2014

            News on the new Northern Colorado Triathlon Club, submitted by Eric Neilsen: There are many small groups of endurance athletes that workout in Northern Colorado, and even more people working out by themselves. What if these groups could be brought together for training, racing, educational and social activities? Two local coaches, Jon Mason & EricRead More