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Shared from USA Triathlon Midwest Region

Todd Buckingham is a PhD candidate at Michigan State University. He is conducting a research study that looks to assess data measured by a triathlete’s multisport watch, specifically during the 2016 USA Triathlon Olympic-Distance Age-Group National Championship race to see what variables are most related to success in each discipline, as well as in the overall triathlon.

To participate, triathletes must have competed at the 2016 USA Triathlon Olympic-Distance Age-Group National Championship and used a Garmin multisport watch during the race.

Participants will complete a questionnaire using the Qualtrics software that asks years of triathlon experience, previous experience in a standalone event (i.e., swimming, cycling, or running), main sport competed in prior to triathlon, triathlons completed and distances of each race, personal records for each discipline and overall, personal records for standalone events in swimming, cycling, and running (e.g., marathon), purpose for competing in triathlons, and time and distance spent training during an average week (total and for each discipline).

Participants will also send a link through the survey that contains the National Championship race measured by their Garmin device. This will allow us to analyze which variables are associated with better performance during the Olympic-distance National Championship race in each the swim, bike, and run disciplines, and overall for age-group triathletes.

Participants are able to complete this questionnaire anywhere they have computer access.

There is a slight risk relating to data protection, however, every action will be taken to ensure all information collected is protected and kept confidential.

Participants will obtain information that will hopefully lead to an improvement in his/her triathlon performance.

If you are interested in this study, please complete this short survey on the predictors of triathlon performance found HERE

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