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My youngest son, Ben, constantly amazes me. He’s the youngest of my 4 children and like many youngest children, has needed to do ben-f-1whatever the bigger ones were doing.
At age 8, he completed his 4th.Longmont Kids Only Triathlon. Yes, 4th. When he was 5, my 3 older kids were doing it and he desperately wanted too as well. We got approval from the race director via assurance from his swim instructor that he could indeed complete the 100 yd swim. He was so excited!
This year, because attrition always happens, he was the only one of my 4 kids to participate. More glory for him.

Being 8 now however, he’s a little busier and the training had to wait until school was out for summer break. So, his training this year, 3 trips to the pool the week before where he kept saying “Mom, can I do one more lap?”, 3 days of “Mom, can I ride my bike to Tyler’s to play?”, and many school mornings this year of “Mom, I’m going to be late for 100 mile club”. His school participated in this great program to encourage the kids to run/walk/skip 100 miles during the school year. He finished 145 miles!
ben-f-2So, he finished his 4th triathlon, with a huge grin on his face and had a GREAT time. When asked what his favorite part is, “The ice cream you get for free because you did it!”

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Saturday, May 31, 2014
Various distances
Centennial Pool – Longmont, Colorado – 6:30 a.m.
More Info: http://www.ci.longmont.co.us/rec/special/LongmontYouthTriathlon.htm

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