Why USA Pro Challenge volunteers need anti-terror training

According to a story on 303cycling:

Hundreds of volunteers needed for the USA Pro Challenge cycling race in Aspen will get mandatory training that includes terrorism alerts.

Why? Barry Siff, who served as co-chair of Boulder's local organizing committee for the USA Pro Cycling Challenge in 2012, says, "Unfortunately, this has quickly become a fact of life for major sporting events. I was at the Boulder Ironman 70.3 today, and there were reminders that unattended backpacks found anywhere would be quickly removed, etc. After Boston happened other events put in some pretty huge precautions - I saw this firsthand big-time at Oklahoma City's massive (25,000+ person) Memorial Marathon - I first thought it was over-reaction to a degree; and, to some extent, allowing those who want Americans to live in fear to have their way a bit. However, now, I am beginning to view it a bit differently: the training the Pro Challenge volunteers receive will not only help during the event, but also will sensitize those individuals to be more alert always, going forward. In the long run, this heightened awareness level needs to grow within our society ... again, very unfortunately."

Read the full story from the 303cycling here.

Barry Siff also serves as Vice President of the Board of Directors of USA Triathlon and owns 5430 Sports with his wife, Jodee.


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