Ring in the New Year with Oskar Blues' New CyclHOPS CAN-tina

Amidst the New Year's revelry, Oskar Blues has expanded its brood once again, adding the CyclHOPS Bike CAN-tina to its Longmont lineup of unique eateries. The combination restaurant and bike shop will likely attract area cyclists lured by daily taco specials, extensive brew and tequila offerings, and eye-candy REEB cycles in the enclosed specialty bike shop. (From the website: "The all-American bike company was born as a middle finger to bikes made overseas.")

Bobby Turner & Tim Moore

According to cycle shop director Tim Moore, "Director of REEBdiculousness," REEB bikes are entirely custom made, all hand-built by welder Chris Sulfrian, who assembles approximately 28 frames per month. The steel is 100% U.S. sourced, with nothing from China. Components are "as local as possible," keeping in tune with the Oskar Blues' "craft" approach to all things edible, potable and ride-able. Being located within a bar and restaurant, Moore anticipates a relaxed vibe, and plenty of traffic. "It will be fun to meet and talk and share a beer . . . We'll definitely have to monitor the tequila level, though!" he notes.

On the restaurant side, the menu offers daily specials, including "chef's special creation" enchiladas, CyclNACHOS, and a variety of "salsas expeciales." All the offerings will be "hands-on and authentic, staying true to the passion of our brand," says Chad Melis (whose business card proclaims him to be the "secret ingredient," which really means "marketing director"). "We like to do things that make people ask questions, and tell a story," Melis says.

He points out the multiple pieces of original art throughout the restaurant, noting the unique metal sculpture made from shovel heads used in Lyons following the floods, the "tequila room" light fixture pieced from bike cogs (created by Boulder Business Products), wall art, photography, and custom-built booth benches.

Chad Melis, "the secret ingredient"

Oskar Blues founder Dale Katechis seems to consistently trend toward edgy and risky endeavors, with an emphasis on community. "Dale likes to go by feel, and create something you don't know the answer to," Melis says. "It is important to us as a company, and Dale felt strongly that we should go out on a limb and do something special, expanding on the Oskar Blues culture and passions. Dale has been good at this since he started the Cajun Grill in Lyons in 1997, then introduced music there, and added brewing. This restaurant is just a continuation of that trend."

CyclHOPS web site

CyclHOPS Bike CANtina, 600 S. Airport Road, Longmont
New Year's Eve Grand Opening: Doors open at 10 a.m., NYE party starts at 8 p.m. Modern Latin music by Boulder-based Chicha.
More details: 303-776-BIKE (2453)


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